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We provide end-to-end service to the customer right from collecting the documents,
to the sanction process of the Loan & Insurance facility.

Loan Overview

We are Authorized Direct selling agent whose role is to connect the customer with the bank for getting a loan. We are dealing with multiple products such as Personal loans, Car loans, Commercial vehicle & Construction Equipment loans, Housing loans & Loan against Property.

Why come to us instead of going directly to a bank branch?

We provide end-to-end service to the customer right from collecting the documents to the loan sanction process. We also assist customers in other paperwork & documentation and negotiations with the bank, acting as an intermediary between customer and bank, all of which is without any cost to the customer. Yes!

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Insurance Overview

Contingencies are prone to happen in life and that is the harsh reality that we know but are reluctant to accept. How to safeguard ourselves and our family from such unforeseen events?

That is where Insurance plays a life-saver role. We help customer assess their needs and suggest an insurance policy that ensures their future is secured from contingencies, all at an affordable premium and maximum cover.

  Life Insurance
  Health Insurance

Health Insurance Overview

Sunil, aged 35, is a salaried employee with a monthly income of ₹ 35,000. It was surprising for his colleagues when he managed to pay the huge hospital bill without taking any loan when his father was admitted for an emergency bypass surgery. How did he manage the financial burden? This is where health insurance provides a helping hand.

Insurance that covers the medical expenses of specific medical treatments and illnesses for an agreed period is health insurance.

Types of Health Insurance policies
The types of insurance can be customized as per the needs of the person ranging from Individual medical insurance, Family floater plans to critical illness policies.

- Cashless treatment.
- Cover for medical expenses.
- Tax benefit under Section 80D of Income-tax act up to ₹25,000 ( ₹ 50,000 for senior citizen).

  Motor Insurance
Provides insurance cover against accidents involving vehicles such as Bike, Car, and Commercial vehicle.

Customers can choose the insurance based on their requirements such as :

Third-party liability
the cover is limited to damage caused to the third party affected in the accident.

Comprehensive cover
Apart from covering third-party liability, this policy covers the damages of the policyholder’s vehicle also.

- Prevents legal issues.
- Covers expense incurred in case of an accident of the vehicle.
- Theft/loss cover.
  Property Insurance


It provides cover for the property against contingencies like damage due to fire, burglary, natural disasters. It is available for both residential property and commercial establishments.

- Protects from fire, burglary.
- Provides financial assistance in case of natural calamities.

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